The Assumption’s Church

The Assumption's Church

The Church of the Assumption is of recent creation, dating from the year 1.968. The project was carried out by the Catalan architect Don Ramón Montserrat Ballesté. It has a capacity of between 2,000 and 3,000 people. It consists of a central nave for worship, a choir, which was made with lattice on the High Altar, a circulation space for the various services of the Church and a space for spiritual retreat.

Outside we find a showy tower that gives the building firmness and splendor. The decoration is simple, highlighting the image of the Assumption of Mary that presides over the Altar, the artistic stained glass windows, symbolizing the light, being darker at the entrance of the temple to be clarified as you move towards the Altar towards “The Resurrection” and the striking paintings, highlighting the frescoes, which we find near the baptismal font.

The Assumption´s church is the work of the hands and donations of the residents of the town. In the municipality it is known as the new church and it is that it has just over half a century of life, but the important thing about this temple is not only its beauty, but it is the result of lung work and much faith of the inhabitants. In the sixties a landowner died and his lands were put up for sale, leaving a space for the construction of a new church. The neighbors came together and for three or four years they built it with their own hands.

The entire town collaborated to realize the project carried out by the Catalan architect Ramón Montserrat Ballesté. Years of work that ended in 1968 with the inauguration and blessing of the temple on July 18 of that year with the assistance of numerous ecclesiastical and civil authorities. Since then, as in Barcelona visit the jewel of Catalan Gothic, in Olula del Río this temple is an attraction for visitors for its beauty and magnitude.

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