San Sebastian Church

The Church of San Sebastián is neoclassical style and it was built between the years 1.780 and 1.789 by Ventura Rodríguez. It has a Greek cross plan; the central space is occupied by a vaidal dome.

In the main altar of the Church of San Sebastian there is an altarpiece made in work and stucco, presided over by the Christ of the Good Death. It is accessed through a staircase, composed on both sides of a railing of marble balusters. The interior lighting is due to three circular windows located on the main facade. The walls of the baptismal chapel are decorated with paintings referring to the baptism of Christ dated in 1932. At the foot of the temple is the high choir composed of wooden balusters.

The outer façade presents in the head the tower that consists of base, three bodies separated by simple moldings and covered like cupulin, being located in the second body a clock that preserves the original machinery and was added in the year 1897. The tower is topped by a weathervane with copper ball and iron cross. The outside of the church is painted white, except the plinth where the masonry factory is appreciated.

The San Sebastian Church waits patiently for the path of limestone that takes the faithful to it. He is aware of its importance, so he has installed himself in light and dark colors, in simple forms, in artistic humility and in beautiful proportion. It looks the best neoclassical of the eighteenth century of the province in its Greek cross plant seeking to centralize inside its most devout faithful under a dome vaidal. From its rose window the light of Almeria highlights the geometric clarity of its walls, altars and chapels. Before it existed it was Ventura Rodriguez who imagined her, projecting in her a style that would mark the community with a church with character, within a personal town made of marble.

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